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Building a greener future for hospitality


Meet Amy Wald

Your expert sustainability consultant

Amy helps hospitality organizations transition to environmentally sustainable practices. Her goal is to help you reduce overhead costs, attract eco-conscious travelers, build a strong, environmentally conscious brand, and achieve essential sustainability certifications.

As a renowned speaker and leading expert in Sustainable Hospitality, Amy Wald can connect, motivate, and educate your organization, laying the foundation for your new sustainability endeavor.

I need guidance on how to start and where to go

One-day Strategy Workshop

If you don't know where to start, this is the service for you. We'll assess your hotel’s operations, identify eco-friendly improvements, and develop a custom sustainability action plan.


Services for each stage of your sustainability journey

I'm ready to develop & implement a strategy

Comprehensive Strategy Development

We'll help you reduce costs, improve performance, and earn top sustainability certifications, setting your business apart in the industry.

I want to optimize my sustainable practices

Staff Training and Workshops

Empower your team with the knowledge to maintain sustainable standards and achieve certification compliance.

Ready to start?

Amy will be happy to discuss your stage in the sustainability journey and the solutions that can help your business become part of a greener future.

I want to promote my sustainable brand

Green Marketing

Promote your eco-conscious brand to attract like-minded travelers and highlight your certifications.

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